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Mayhem Monday: Shootings, fights and mayo

“One shot” reports a TV channel in North Carolina on a story about a man shot in the stomach in a Waffle House parking lot. It reads like they were expecting more. Meanwhile, a beatdown in Gafney, S.C., makes the wires as the latest WaHo cell phone video fight. And if that’s not enough for… Continue reading Mayhem Monday: Shootings, fights and mayo

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White collar crime and waffles

You don’t see it in the news enough: Good, old high-pressure bid rigging taking place over an All Star breakfast. That’s alleged in the twisted investigation into the Broward County (Fla.) Health System, a no-bid advertising contract and a local county officials. From the local press: (Broward County Commissioner¬†Chip LaMarca)¬†is also accused of threatening the… Continue reading White collar crime and waffles